2D Technical Diagram

Website Design



Individually i had to come up with a website design for a company for my Web Engineering and Design unit. These designs were made using Adobe Photshop and show both the design choice for both the homepage and video page as the website is going to be where people can broadcast their videos.Overall for them both i got 75% coming away with a first.

Communication Design



In my final year of University in a unit called Communication Design we were asked to create an infographic on someone that was pulled out of a hat. My person was Sigmund Freud which i found interesting to design an infographic on. In order to gather the information i used both the internet and books. While gathering information i found that there was a lot of things i could use for my design of my infographic. I decided to base the infographic on his book " Interpreation of Dreams". The book was written by Sigmund Freud himself and was Freuds theory of the unconscious with respect to dream interpretation.

Game Soundtrack

Final Year Project- Logo Design


Portsmouth, UK




Amy-Louise Little




Graduate Digital Media Student from the University of Portsmouth seeking a career in Marketing in order to show my design skills.